Bridal Party Hire

Waratah Park Limousines bring to you a chance to enjoy a memorable experience with their breathtaking Limousines, especially for your Bridal party celebrations. We truly value the significance of celebrating in elegance and fun by providing the best in service and indulgence. Enjoying the ride, or let your hair down by unveiling the sunroof to feel the wind through your hair. SEAT BELT LAWS STILL APPLY.

Bridal Party Limo Hire cars are not just for the wedding day. We can discuss a FULL SERVICE WEDDING for you which would include transportation in Chauffeured Limousines TO PRE WEDDING EVENTS LIKE THE BRIDAL SHOWER and THE BUCKS NIGHT.

THE ALL IMPORTANT PHOTO SHOOTS. We can arrange ample time for your photographer to capture these lasting memories with your beautiful bridal party limo hire cars (some great shots can be taken through the sunroof for example) from pick up of our bride, arrival at the wedding venue and even after the reception escorting our bride and groom to their Wedding night accommodation. The cars may also be made available to transport special guests or family members from the reception to their respective accommodations.